Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Mir Qasim Ali Razvi

Key Manager: Mr. Dilawar Abbas


Al-Quzah Human Resource Consultancies EST. is a land based recruitment agency whose basic objective is to engage in the recruitment of highly qualified and efficient workers for overseas employment.

Companies outside India that seek to stand out in their industry through efficient and inexpensive human resources will be best served by Al-Quzah Human Resource Consultancies EST. It is an overseas manpower company owned and operated by experienced professionals who have expertise in finding out the best opportunities for multi-national corporations.

Al-Quzah Human Resource Consultancies EST. is committed in adhering to the industry's best practices and to comply with all the legal requirements. At Al-Quzah Human Resource Consultancies EST., we embrace the virtues of professionalism, dependability, and commitment to the goals and aspirations of our clients and people alike.

Al-Quzah Human Resource Consultancies EST. aims to provide employment opportunities to Indian abroad. Our objective is to recruit, train and employ Indian professionals and skilled workers for overseas employment.

Our commitment to clients and workers is our main priority, as we make sure to deal only with legitimate and reputable foreign employers and will guarantee quality workers who can keep abreast with the work standards abroad which are thoroughly screened and well-trained in their areas of specialization.

Al-Quzah Human Resource Consultancies EST. envisions to make a big difference by establishing value-based employers and workers who will work harmoniously for a more productive result.

Driven by our commitment in fulfilling our mission and vision, backed by our service-oriented and professional staff and management, our company, Al-Quzah Human Resource Consultancies EST. will strive in achieving our goals and objectives: to pursue a strong, reliable and solid partnership with clients worldwide.


Pre-Employment Screening of prospective workers – includes interview, trade tests, psychological and physical examinations

Processing of Employment documents – includes processing of VISA and employment contracts (optional)

Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) and Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)


  • Unique Agency Fee. depends on the number of employees. We will always give the most beneficial package to client, with tried and tested scheme on payment of wage and agency fee. For example, our agency fee becomes more affordable as the volume of job order increases.
  • Value-Added Services. We are accountable for the employees contracted for the job for 3 months from appointment date.
  • Quick Response By Management and Speedy Processing of Request. We Bear In Mind the Core Nature of Our Foreign Clients and Always Try to Tailor Our Approach Based on Their Needs And Corporate Culture.


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